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The complete opposite of Nasty which means very pleasant, attractive, or pleasing.
What he just did was extremely Nosty.
by Ryuzaki/L March 08, 2009
a crumb, piece of lint from kleenex, small dry snot, or who's know's what that is stuck in one's nostril hair without them knowing of it hopefully. It is usually a disstraction to talk to someone with this condition especially while eating.
I almost kissed Sabrina during our first dinner date last night, except she had a major nosty going on and also some onion and garlic breath during dessert.
by busterboner April 13, 2010
originating from no style, nosty means bad taste, the wrong definition of cool, no momentum, and generally no style.
that nosty idiot can't dance.

goldberg is the nostiest wrestler ever.
by hazardman July 14, 2004

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