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Nothing in Asian accent
nossing is de wrong wifth diss.
=Nothing is wrong with this
by Aeroxent March 23, 2011
0 2
(v.) the act of violently and uncontrollably projectile vomiting in the direction of, but not necessarily into a toilet, trashcan, or off a balcony
Chris was nossing in the shower all night, we knew it was him because of all the shells of the boiled peanuts.
by Lonny Nozzletoff September 27, 2010
30 6
German for nothing. Not a thing.

"Can you see my picture yet?"
"No, I see nossing"
by BriBrian April 07, 2008
30 14
1. The act of a cat smearing its nose all over you; usually done when wanting affection.
2. The act of rubbing your fingers on a cat's nose.
1. "The cat was nossing my face and now my cheeks are slimy."
2. "If I don't stop nossing my cat's nose I will have to go to rehab."
by blueberrysyrup October 11, 2008
7 3