1. The act of a cat smearing its nose all over you; usually done when wanting affection.
2. The act of rubbing your fingers on a cat's nose.
1. "The cat was nossing my face and now my cheeks are slimy."
2. "If I don't stop nossing my cat's nose I will have to go to rehab."
by blueberrysyrup October 11, 2008
Top Definition
(v.) the act of violently and uncontrollably projectile vomiting in the direction of, but not necessarily into a toilet, trashcan, or off a balcony
Chris was nossing in the shower all night, we knew it was him because of all the shells of the boiled peanuts.
by Lonny Nozzletoff September 27, 2010
German for nothing. Not a thing.

"Can you see my picture yet?"
"No, I see nossing"
by BriBrian April 07, 2008
Nothing in Asian accent
nossing is de wrong wifth diss.
=Nothing is wrong with this
by Aeroxent March 23, 2011
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