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A long, elastic strand of mucus that dangles from a sick child's nostril when the child cries. This slimy yo-yo often gets sucked up into the nose when the child inhales between shrieks, only to reappear when the wailing continues. Since it's entertaining for adults to watch this, the child assumes your expression of delight is in response to their distress, which only increases the volume and intensity of the tantrum. It's a viscious (and viscous) cycle which might end on a clock-tower with a high-powered rifle.
Jeez, lady, wipe your kid's noserope!
by Frasier Nutzov February 18, 2007
In surfer lingo: gooey combination booger/ salt water flood like nose drainage, often occurring at the most inopportune times such as when you are trying to tell the teacher there is a perfectly reasonable explanation you're late for class.
I had em' totally fooled til I dropped a noserope on his desk.
by Noserope February 04, 2013

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