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1. An Asian from the country of North Korea.
2. Anyone trying to kill Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.
3. Someone with a small dick.
4. The only Asian in Wall.
I barely felt anything, such a North Korean.
by TheKimmer May 17, 2009
1. an adjective used to describe that something is related to North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea).
2. an adjective used to describe, that something is very autocratic, fascistic, totalitarian, militaristic, irrationally organized, orwellian, communistic, close-minded and/or ridiculously hard penalized. Used to criticize a certain behavior, attitude or rule/ruling.
Kim Jong-Il is the north korean leader.

I hate your north korean attitude, mother!
by Neozoen April 15, 2011
A bunch of communist pieces of shit. They think they're tough, but what's so threatening about them if they are isolated from the world by law?
North Koreans are even sadder than people with AIDs. At least they can see the rest of the world if they want.
by North Koreans are haters October 16, 2009
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