a young girl who's face resembles chuck norris so much that she gets the nick name norris
"WOW did you see that girl!"
"yeah, why do u think we call her norris?"
by aly sims August 30, 2009
1. To be extremely angry and annoyed.
Actually has no relation to the stupid Chuck Norris obsession, but was actually the interpretation of a 4 year old trying to say that she was "annoyed".

annoyed chuck norris pissed iritated angry
George Bush's existence makes me norris.

If you don't stop being so norris, I'm not going to share my funonions.
by xthorcorex November 24, 2006
An extremely OP figure to the extent of omnipotence. Comes from Chuck Norris.
Gamer: Damn, Meta Knight is a real Norris.
Gamer 2: Agreed.
by Defen5e March 29, 2015

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