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(to pull a)(N) something believed impossible. Originated from Chuck Norris and his God-like stature.
Guy 1: Dude! That guy just walked away from a 3 story fall!
Guy 2: He totally pulled a Norris!
by Pezking400 December 23, 2007
A certain Particular feeling that one can get sent into by rage or skill. Only one man has ever gone "norris" of course this being Chuck Norris
Once you go norris, it is inhumanly impossible to go back
by Drekner December 12, 2007
A last name that not only gets you loved by all your teachers by calling you chuck but nobody would ever want to start a fight with you because of your fearful last name!
I want to beat up that kid over there.
"Don't do it man he's/she's a Norris!!"
by mitchn5 December 17, 2011
Another word for the male genitalia, in other words a PENIS!!!
Suck my norris!!!

Lick my norris!!!

You're a norris!!!
by Jeremy Beadle 2 February 23, 2007
Norris was born and raised in Saskatchewan. This means she can drink beer like it’s water, fix anything with duct tape and wire, and carries a knife in her car. CAUTION: Skills include the ability to accidentally break/ruin/destroy random objects or bring self-harm by not living in reality.
Way to Norris the board game!
by TTW member February 03, 2010
An extremely OP figure to the extent of omnipotence. Comes from Chuck Norris.
Gamer: Damn, Meta Knight is a real Norris.
Gamer 2: Agreed.
by Defen5e March 29, 2015
To bail out on plans with family or friends because of completely unrelated matters.
Past tense - Norrised
My cousin just ate the last slice of pizza so I'm gonna Norris out of your bachelor party in Vegas
by WhyAreYouSoBad November 24, 2010
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