Something so dirty, so filthy, it's lower than scum.
I can't move into this apartment. There is so much Norquist in the bathroom, it's overwhelming.

Norquist has taken over my small business and I can't get rid of it.
by Missy_Higgins February 13, 2012
Top Definition
One level south of scum of the earth. The nadir of earthly existence. The lowest of the lows. The epicenter of depravity. The stinkhole of human existence. A person that makes Satan look like Mother Teresa.
That pedophile and murderer is an absolute douché bag, but he's still has fallen to the depths of a Norquist.
by TYT ARMY February 13, 2012
A vile whore-like creature that provides free sexual services to the lower than lowest scum of the earth.
Cenk Ugyur: Republicans like calling names so much... there should be a definition for Norquist as the lower than lowest scum of the earth; like Santorum.
by SinTax February 13, 2012
Something that is so dirty and so filthy that it is lower than scum.

Popularized by Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, the largest online news show in the world.
"That is what Grover Norquist is. Because if you have money and you want lower taxes, and you want to screw over the middle class, the 99%, and you want to give everything to the rich and to the top corporations, Grover is on his knees, ready for you. He will do whatever it takes; he will intimidate Republican politicians, he will fluff you up. He will do whatever it takes because he is lower than scum, whore of the earth."
-Cenk Uygur 2/13/12
by tjc4210 February 15, 2012
The dirtiest, ugliest, cheapest old whore in the seediest whorehouse in the world. This type of whore will literally do anything for money -up to and including choking themselves to death on hot cow shit, while being fucked by multiple barnyard animals. Will often call others dirty whores and parasites in an attempt to make themselves appear less norquist, and thus attain more clients for their whoring.
I'm going to be dead soon, the doctor says the norquist I passed in the street yesterday gave me Super AIDS.
by AYoungTurk February 14, 2012
Mix of semen and blood that comes out of gonorrhea infected Grover
The doctor needs a sample of that norquist to check for stupidity levels
by Amaynymous February 13, 2012
A being lower than scum, so disgusting, vile, and putrid that it defies conception.
It was the most horrible thing I'd ever seen, It must have been a norquist.
by Mr. Truthy February 13, 2012
Something so dirty, so filthy that it's lower than "scum of the earth."
Jorgenstein: Did you hear about the guy who was roasting babies on a spit alive and eating them?
Bartholomew: Yeah, that guy is scum of the earth!
Jorgenstein: Scum of the earth!? More like a norquist!
by choppedliver5 February 13, 2012
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