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The mixture of cum, vaginal fluid and lube that prostitutes clean off them selves after sex with bankers.
Grover Norquist cleaned up the Norquist off of the group of whores that his banker friends just had sex with.
by Wolfe12345 February 13, 2012
Something so dirty, so filthy, it's lower than scum.
I can't move into this apartment. There is so much Norquist in the bathroom, it's overwhelming.

Norquist has taken over my small business and I can't get rid of it.
by Missy_Higgins February 13, 2012
The fluid that emerges when a blister from one's genital herpes bursts.
"Do you agree with Norquist?"
"How could I agree with disgusting scum?"
by themanclaw February 13, 2012
Lower than scum
I felt like Norquist for what I did
by Cenk Uygur February 14, 2012
a charlatan, morally principled by financial gain
Grover Norquist wants to shift the tax burden to the middle class even more, resulting in an ever-increasing gap between the rich and poor.
by LIb February 14, 2012