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(noun) When in the midst of intercourse or masturbation, a male ejaculates but does not feel the rush or relief of an orgasm. This is commonly followed by depression, insomnia, thoughts of suicide and in extreme cases thoughts of raping one's sexual partner, a household pet or the nearest fruit.
"Last night I had a norgasm and almost raped a weiner dog afterwards. Isn't that ironic?"
by Dudeitsme737 December 07, 2008
Falling short of what could have been an orgasmic event. A massively disappointing near-miss....
"but just as her cork's about to pop, mum interrupts. Epic norgasm."
by TossMyCaber April 12, 2013
An orgasm, released by Chuck Norris. It is extremely strong, and releases about 12 gallons of semen.
John: Did you hear about the earthquake in Haiti?

Thomas: They said it was caused by a Norgasm.
by Tommy Two Tuck February 15, 2010
The opposite of an orgasm in which the person who is experiencing this event feels extreme dread or disappointment i.e. the replacing of the "Oh yes" with "Oh no".
Fred: You remember that assignment due today that if we don't hand in we fail?

Bill:Oh no! Damm! I left it at home.

Fred: You really are having a norgasm today.
by Bradley K July 27, 2007
n. Intense, semi-erotic, sense of pleasure and excitement experienced or anticipated by a person keenly interested in all things Norwegian when they come close to gaining such an item, or on arriving in Norway. From Norge: name for Norway in Norwegian + Orgasm: sexual climax
Seeing a live performance of Ibsen's Peer Gynt, accompanied by Grieg's incidental music, gave Ingrid a Norgasm.
by Norgasm July 02, 2016
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