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Noramery is the definition of a man’s longing. With hair that flows in the wind both long and whimsically. Her skin is soft and touched by angels while her eyes are the emerald portals to a better world. The nose that graces her face is delicate to the touch and meant to be adored. With lips as soft as the words I love you; she ignites the possibility of a happily ever after. A smile like hers is meant to remind us that a God exists who creates beauty in all things. Though physically stunning and the envy of Aphrodite, her cognitive existence is what makes her absolute. If her body was the word mesmerizing than her mind would be the ink. She is strong, charming, intelligent, funny, loving, caring and charismatic but these are all just words that fall apart when confronted by the truth. No words could ever hope to describe the sheer importance of her life. The falling of the tower of Babel and the creation of all languages was in so many ways a lesson. If a text was pieced together using different words from all the languages in existence, the fruits of that labor would still fall short in describing what she is.
"Don't get me wrong, that girl is really nice but I'm waiting for my Noramery."
by FallingSlowly September 16, 2013

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