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Noraellen is a combo of a Nora and an Ellen. She is beautiful,funny, smart (although sometimes won't admt it.) A Noraellen is the perfect package. She is unique, and does her own thing. Most do not have this special name. Alot of people confuse her name, and Noraellens can understand them. Noraellens are very understanding towards others. She has many friends. There is always a smile on a Noraellen's face. She is sweet and kind to anyone and everyone, unless you do something to piss her off! If you piss a Noraellen off, be prepared to lose all of your friends ver quickly! Neverthelss, Noraellens are beautiful, charming, good people.
1. Wait your names Noraellen?
2. I love Noraellen!
3. Daym, did you see that Noraellen overthere?!
by thisismypseudonymha November 08, 2011
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