Boobs, breasts, fun pillows
Would you rather have huge noons, or be fat with no noons?
by mikrs October 19, 2010
Noon was a word firstly invented as a secret so in public you could call a girl ugly while she had no idea what you where saying. Noon basically means ugly.
''G check that noon gash''
''Argh that girl was noon''
by GGGGGGGG February 01, 2007
It is used on runescape as a friendly yet derogative term,

It is a conbination of the word noob and moron, thus the word noon

no from noob
on from moron

noob means a low level person acting rude or obniouxsly
Tezzer F is such a noon, yet prilladog is such a zebracock, while fistusfanius oh the other hand is just a tree chopping loser like nobchops
by Prilladog July 02, 2006
actually means 3 p.m. so remember that!
Joe:Lets meet at noon.
Devin:I have a dentist appontment at 12 so I cant.
Joe:You putz noon is 3....god...
by Joe August 04, 2004
'Noons' is the word given to a group of people who exceed the typical social standings of their area by going to any kind of extremes when doing somthing.
'Those kids are right noons they came through the streets making the biggest scene imaginable'
by Harleygirl92 July 05, 2009

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