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The phenomenon and fever caught by Houston Dynamo fans during the 2012 MLS Cup Playoffs. It started with the Knockout Round against the Chicago Fire with a small sign and is the unofficial slogan for the 2012 MLS Playoffs.
Are you bringing the NoodleTime to the game? Can't stop it!
by dynamo TA November 02, 2012
30 4
The time for noodles. Often used by obese chinese wannabes.
Lottie: Noodle Timeee

Kristy: erhh... fucking gay chinese
by therayofsunshine August 14, 2011
3 5
A derogation for flamboyent individuals of Asian decent, typically those who are strikingly culturally inept; derived from the instant ramen brand "noodle time."
Hey Freddy, what went down in class today?

Hmmm. I can't remember because I was stained... Oh, that Noodle Time brought in some of them chinese cookies. That noodle time, he's a good guy, even if he is an oddball. And I wanna fuck his sister too.
by Eapert McDangles June 11, 2006
2 7