A super-duper nooby who doesn't have a jetpack, and doesn't know what he/she's doing; worse than a noob
Drink bleach and die noobus!!!
Top Definition
A unique online name from the famous internet celebrity only known as "Noobus"

Not much is known about this mysterious Noobus other than he has other names such as "Noobius, Noobiius" "MrSaltyNipps" and "Fleshripper"

The anonymous user named Noobus is often found in online games and forums and is mostly known for being the best at all vidya.
Person one: Holy Crapen, This guy just Pwned me!!1!

Person Two: What was his name?

Person 1: Noobus
by Noobus November 27, 2013
A geometry shape. Often commonly mistaken as a rhombus.
No that's not a noobus, its a rhombus!
by n00basaurus May 25, 2011

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