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A noobsquire is a form of a noob who is completely new at an online game, and actually takes advice or trains from other noobs online that think they are pros.

- Hence the word squire - much like a squire in medieval times trains and takes advice from a knight, carries their shield, does work for them etc.
Example 1:

Noobsquire: Hey guys. I'm new at halo, can you help me learn how to get real good?

Noob: t0tAll3y d00d U cAn b3 1337 1f y0u tAlkz0rz lik3 m3 an l3arn ma sk1llz0rz b3cAus3 1 @m 1337 2!!!1!one!!

Noobsquire: W0wz0rz th@nkz. 1 c@n f33l m1s3lf g3tt1ng b3tt3r n0wzorz.

Example 2:

Noobsquire: Hey guys, I just started playing Call of Duty, and there's a wall to the enemy base in front of me but I don't know how to jump.

Noob: W3LL d00d th@ts s0 3asy pr3ss t3h alt + F4 and U'1L d0 @ s00p3r 1337 jUmpz0rz thAt g03s 100000 f33t in t3h a1r!! (Mehehe I'm going to trick this n00b into closing the game cause I'm so cool)

noobsquire: I tried it and nothing happened, it's alt, then +, then f4, right?

n00b: N0 0MGZ0RZ U have t0 hold teh buttons at the sAme time3 omg1 and + do3sn't c0unt!!!1!!one11

noobsquire: I can't read your writing. Can you repeat that plz?
by --Jordan-- April 14, 2007
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