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A "Noobhatma"* is a peaceful noob in a chatroom. He is defined by breaking no rules but furiously annoying everyone. He responds to trolls who attack with either confusion or laughter, and try as you might, you just can't get rid of them.**

*Refering to "Mahatma Gandhi." Mahatma means great spirit, or peaceful spirit.

**Assuming you are not a mod, and the mods won't kick unless a rule is broken.
<Noob> Person: i love u
<Person> Noob: That's nice...
<Noob> Person: do u love me
<Person> Noob: Hell no.
<Noob> haha
<Noob> Person: ur so cool!!!!!!! i love u
*Person** facepalms
<Person> What a Noobhatma.

*example came from a real chat*
by Ogen July 06, 2009
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