noob is derived from the word 'new'
it implies that you are inexperienced
sometimes it is used as slang for 'you suck'

I once knew this noob named Eric.
by JinXXT February 22, 2007
A person who intentionally displays poor grammatical skills. These individuals are most prominant on the internet and online games and like to use acronyms such as STFU (Shut The Fuck Up), FTL (For The Lose), and and OMGWTF (Oh My God, What The Fuck). They will use these mash up of words at any and all given opportunities.

In the gaming spectrum, a Noob is not someone who is new to a game. That would be a Newbie. There is nothing wrong with being a newbie as you have to learn somewhere. However, a Noob is a person who has had some experience with a game, but still plays it poorly, acts like an asshat, and insists that they are elite (1337 in their own words) and that everyone else in the game is a "noob." Yes. Noob is one of those few words where the word itself is actually part of it's own definition since anyone who even uses the word "Noob" in a serious manner is a Noob himself.
This is based off a true incident. It saddens me that some fellow hordies in World of Warcraft act this way.

Idiot: OMFG u sux! Ur gear iz FTL. I own u noob!
Me: Really now?
Idiot: Ya wutever. I r 1337! watch dis.
(The idiot proceeds to duel me in attempt to prove that he is superior, which ends in him being smeared into the ground and me standing over his dead body)
Idiot: WTF hax!
Me: Yeah. You were right. You sure are elite.
Idiot: STFU Noob!
by Drakeblade March 18, 2008
A person new to an online game. It is not to be confused with "newb". A newb is somebody new to an online game who is calm, sensible, intelligent and willing to learn. While a noob is a person new to an online game who think they are better then everyone else, usually stupid, arogant, have horrible grammer, in MMORPGs are usually annoying beggars.
Newb: "Hey man do you know how to get to This river? i cant find it."

Exp Player: " yeah just go through that cave and you should see it"

Newb: "thanks a lot man"

Noob: " I CNAT FIDN tEH pRviER LOLOLOLOLLOLOULOLIOLILOLOL!!!!!11!!!11!1111!! WHERE IS IT!!!!1!!1!/????//???? LoLOLOLoLolOLOlOLoI ROxxor!!!111!!" Exp Player: "Stfu noob"


Exp Player: (Kills noob)....
by titsmcjizz December 01, 2008
video game slang for retarted fucking asshole who cant do anything for himself and likes pissin' people off
wow, man. what a noob
by spongebobsuncle November 02, 2009
Not to be confused by newbie, a noob is a person who cannot, or barely spell. They are most likely to get banned at anything, even a poorly moderated game/site/forum.
Noob: L0L i s0 culd b3t u

TehPro: At what?

Noob: @ gnz online of couse

*Noob got banned by TehPro*

TehPro: That takes care of that little noob.

Note: Do not try to interpret Noob's style of saying English.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
Plural of "noob" or "n00b". "Leet talk" for "Newbie". A person who is not yet skilled in the ways of various computer fuctions, such as games, BBs, or Chat.
"Our usual CounterStrike server is filled with noobs today."
by Dirk February 20, 2004
A person lacking in skill or a high level who wishes nothing more than to be retarded and not cooperate with you. A noob comes from a newb, which is someone new to a game and wants to get better. A noob, however, does not. They generally can be very ignorant and annoying and probably will never leave you alone
Newb:Hey guys, where is the sniper rifle at?

High level:It's just over here, follow me.

Newb:Thanks!(newb leaves happily killing)

Noob:J00 N00B! 7H@T W@5 MAI SNIP3R R1FFL3 WHY D1D YU G1VE 1T T0 THT N00B! IT W4S M@1N3!!!!1!!!ONE!!!!11!!11!!!!!

High level:Go bug someone else Noob
by deeeeeeeeeeeeeep June 04, 2010

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