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someone who is new to a game, or website, online game, or something.
lets go mess with the weak little noobs
by paris243545678687453 August 27, 2006
Plural of n00b. A new player, generally of a video game, that is unskilled and refuses to acknowledge this fact. There IS a difference between n00bs and newbies, and that is that newbies can and do learn.
"Oh my gawd, I love the map Dust. I can pwn so many n00bs on it. Maybe today I'll pwn enough n00bs that I can raise my rank on the server from three to one! Heh heh." -from www.pwned.nl
by Gailsad June 06, 2005
An amature - one who's lost and has no clue what they're doing.
Noob: Shit man, the girl I met yesterday won't call me back!?
Friend: How many times did you call her?
Nood: Like 10 times... Every 10 miniutes... Is that too much?
Friend: Shit man!! You're a NOOB at getting chicks!!

Why don't you get anything right? Gezzz you're a true NOOB!!
by highschool-cutie October 04, 2011
"Noob" is a term frequently used in online gaming, and pertains to immature ignoramuses with no grammatical/vocabulary skills. In technical terms, a noob can be referred to as an ultracrepidarian, inaniloquent, autohagiographer.
Every noob can be described as having one or more of these qualities.
Ultracrepidarian: A person who gives opinions on matters beyond their knowledge.
Inaniloquent: Speaking foolishly or saying stupid things.
Autohagiographer: A person who talks in a conceited manner about their own life and accomplishments.

Calling a noob an "ultracrepidarian, inaniloquent, autohagiographer" can yield interesting and often entertaining results.

An example of a noob being ultracrepidarian:

Noob: oh ya????? well ur ugly and hav no lyf! u jus sit at teh pc all day talking mean 2 ppl! U FAIL!!!11!

An example of a noob being inaniloquous:

Noob: roflololllollol omg ur such a n00b! i own ur FACE!!!!1!1!!~~~11!!

An example of a noob being an autohagiographer:

Noob: omg so im lyk rly rly rich and prtty and every1 lyks me and... etc.
by EchoSempai January 09, 2009
One who is offended by this term.
John: "You're a noob."

Noob: "What!? What did you just call me?! I can pwn you boy with my 1337 skillz in Halo, GoW, WoW, CS, SC, MoH, BMW, YMCA, DUI, RDLGQ2UYZRT!! And-and also ..." etc.

John: "I rest my case."
by Blu489 February 21, 2008
noob is derived from the word 'new'
it implies that you are inexperienced
sometimes it is used as slang for 'you suck'

I once knew this noob named Eric.
by JinXXT February 22, 2007
a totally stupid person on an online game rpg. they are oftentimes ignorant, dumb, and completly incompatant. in most cases, noobs are frowned apon by the community, as they are a burden and all they do is pester people who are trying to have a good time on an online game rpg. i once met a noob sooo noobish one time, that he couldnt figure out who i was talking to, and when it was me talking...see below
pot head370: ok richie109 go thru that door
cream5: me?
pot head370: did i say cream? no i said richie109.
cream5: wait me? u want me to go thru the door?
pot head370: No, goddammit! i want richie to go thru the door
cream5: ok ill go thru the door u dont have to yell
pot head370: you stupid motherfucker! go up the stairs and leave me alone
cream5: how do i go up the stairs? im lost! help me!
pot head370: you fucking noob!
by pot head370 September 02, 2006