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A girl who is perfect beyond belief and has been hand crafted by God! Don't believe in a God? Then her parents must have taken their time in creating her to be one heck of a goddess! This gorgeous name is owned by gorgeous girls. A Gracia is sweet, loving, sassy, adorable, always making people smile and putting others before herself!! A great friend to have and a great chick to date!
As a spanish joke: Gracias for Gracia(s)

God!! I wish I knew a Gracia in my life - I'd make her mine!!

Guy 1: Do you know Gracia?
Guy 2: Yeah bro!! She's the ultimate sweetheart!!
Guy 1: Really?! Yo I wanna meet her!! Hook me up!!
by highschool-cutie October 04, 2011
The term was introduced from the movie "Mean Girls". Usualy mistaken for the term "material girl" because they dress well - but not for themselves but more so to impress and make a statement! It's usually an insult refered to girls who are way over there heads, put themselves first, plain heartless and just plain fake! They put on make up everyday and look ugly without it. They put on lipgloss every few seconds. They'll be the ones starting drama in school and minipulating all the boys. It's not hard to spot one, just don't be fooled by their charm. They're called plastic for a reason, that's because they don't feel anything and any insults you run by them will slip off just like cold shiny plastic!
Jock 1: Sweet Lord!! Who is that fine new lady?
Jock 2: Careful man, she's cold plastic... Don't date her, you don't want no drama!

Girl 1: Wow she's goregous!! I wanna be like her!!
Girl 2: She may be gorgous... But minus the make-up, hair, and her trampy clothes... She's a souless plastic!
Girl 1: Eckkkk... That's too shallow for me!
by highschool-cutie October 05, 2011
An amature - one who's lost and has no clue what they're doing.
Noob: Shit man, the girl I met yesterday won't call me back!?
Friend: How many times did you call her?
Nood: Like 10 times... Every 10 miniutes... Is that too much?
Friend: Shit man!! You're a NOOB at getting chicks!!

Why don't you get anything right? Gezzz you're a true NOOB!!
by highschool-cutie October 04, 2011

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