Native to Polynesia, the noni plant (also known as Indian mulberry) is a small tree that usually grows to a height of ten feet. The fruit, which starts out green and turns yellow, is used medicinally.
I love to drink noni juice.
by EJ February 23, 2004
Top Definition
A sexy girl bursting with sex appeal.
Holy Shit she's one hell of a noni!
by Baybee December 03, 2003
the best friend you could EVER have. she make you laugh and whenever you're with her you have good time. you will have many funny inside jokes that no one understands at all but you laugh when people just look at you with a weird face and possibly just start laughing more. you love her and she is your BFFAE!!!!!!!! she's sooooooo pretty and nice and anyone who meets her loves her.
Boy 1: who's that?!?!
Boy 2: i think that's noni!
Boy 1: no way! she's amazing!
by mamouse101 August 15, 2010
Someone who loves to nap
"I need a nap"
"You're being a Noni again"
by Teacup2012 November 13, 2009
the most amazing girl, apparently from hamilton, now in bendigo, LOVES to SHARE with JAMES
that noni? yep
by frommmmmmmmmm meeee April 04, 2011
With a captial "N", nickname of actress Winona Ryder
by BEB's Crusader October 07, 2003
Pronounced nah-nee. Word used to define vagina. Not as dirty as "pussy" but more hip than saying "vagina."
Some girls on the internet have nonis that make you go "EWWWW!"
by dreadreaDREA! (LOL FAIL) March 18, 2009
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