The cutest girl in the world
extreamly silly and fun to be around. shes the kind of girl who loves to sing disney songs and loves to crow.
She may not be poular with the boys, but it doesent mind her caus she only needs one, and she loves her Puddin more then life its self, and he loves her back juct as much/
i love you Noelle.
by Connor Breen January 22, 2009
Top Definition
The most stunning, beautiful girl to walk on the planet. She's an incredible friend who's funny, smart, and very athletic. If you ever get the chance to date a Noelle don't mess it up because you'll regret it!
Blake - Have you seen Noelle?
Danny - Yeah she's over there being amazing, as usual.
by Dunkle10 November 27, 2011
Noelle is a stunningly sexy girl. She has a way about her that captivates the gazes of men. Her eyes are beautiful and seem to say she knows something you don't. She is smart and athletic. She is also very funny.
I was talking to someone then Noelle walked by. I couldn't take my eyes away from her.
by JesusChristina October 31, 2010
Noelle- (Noun) : The Best Friend A Person Can Have. Normally A Girl, Who Makes People Laugh And A Person Gifted With The Ability To Turn People ON Extremely Quickly! Used Mainly In England And In Some Parts Of The USA
Noelle, The Queen
by Lewyyyyyy July 14, 2010
The girl everyone talks about. This is only refered to in a nice manner. This girl is most beautiful, and very supportive of her FAMILY and FRIENDS. She tells the truth, because HONESTY means alot to her. She may not always have a boyfriend but that doesn't mean the guys aren't lined up waiting for her to say their name. Men want to surround her with LOVE. The one she picks better know how lucky he is too be with her. This beauty is usually brunette, with gorgeous eyes, and a beautiful smile. A flawless complextion, an amazing personality, and good style are only a few of her grand aspects. Watch out for this girl NOELLE and never let her go.
He is so lucky, he has a NOELLE!!
by The tale-teller of Beauty April 14, 2011
The most gorgeous, attractive, sweetest creature to walk the earth.

ily noelle :D
by d nigs mccerda September 27, 2008
the prettiest girl in school. She is smart and beautiful.
She is not rich but she does have money. you will never see her in anything except hollister, American eagle, or aeropostale.
she is the prettiest girl in the class and she knows it. But she doesn't act like a bitch about it and even talks to the geeky kids.
Everybody loves her and wants to be like her.
The only people that don't like her are the snobby girls that are jealous.
All the boys like her. They all joke with her and think she is cute.
I wish i was more like Noelle.
by asdfjkl;asdfjklweroiundgkafdjv February 05, 2009
Noelle's are usually brunette with gorgeous eyes and extremely beautiful. They are always seen dancing. Almost always are laughing or smiling and are generally happy if not for themselves, for others. Can be a little strange sometimes but in an amazing way that makes you think, why can't I just let go and act like her.

Obsessed with reading and is extremely loyal to her friends and family.
You see that girl right there? The one chasing pigeons. She's a noelle.
by BlackFlamingo April 25, 2010
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