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Someone who is a muppet but also awesome. Very relaxed which can lead to an inability to see things when they are staring them in the face. Incredibly funny and intelligent, usually good at sports and other such things. Can perhaps underestimate their own strength leading to injuries of others. Incredibly attractive but also addicted to things such as nutella and whisky.
"I met this guy who's kind of crazy but really funny at the same time but also friendly but very weird..."
"What a Noach."
by tinywalrus April 05, 2013
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Alternate way of referring to the vagina.
Are you going to let me slam that noach?

She has a nice, tight, noach
by Ian Ross July 07, 2006
The pimple found on the butt of a Gorilla (see Goach )
The Gorilla popped the Noach as he rampaged through the thorn bushels.

I once shat a gorillas noach off in 'Nam.
by I AM THAT GUYYY September 14, 2010
N'oach is a term used to describe a severe lack of roach. Roach is the vital tool when making a doley. When we have no roach, it means it is bad, i.e N'oach.
Stezza: you got any roach?
Rancid: N'oach!
Stezza: oh shit, we got bare N'oach!


Stezza: Sort me some roach.
Rancid: N'oach man.
by Stezza_1 February 18, 2008
As saying no but exaggerated
Person1:"Hey your mom died today"
Person2: "NOACH!!"
by Jessica January 27, 2005

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