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An acronym, or cyber short-hand way of saying "None of My business"
Person 1: I had an amazing time last night!

Person 2: Would you tell me about it or is it NoMB?
by forrestcoff October 25, 2009
11 3
To suck on, kiss and to generally enjoy boobage with the face without actually motorboating them.
James: Oh the other night I got a proper go on Abae's tits!

Patrick: Did you nomb her?!

James: Mate her boobs had wrinkles by the time I was through with them. She was well and truly nombed...
by nombnombnomb January 26, 2014
0 0
Short for None of my business
What happened to your girlfriend getting knocked up is NOMB
by Gadgets July 23, 2005
11 11