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The feminine heteronormative equivalent of 'no homo'.

A colloquial expression, often used by chicks after “inadvertently” alluding to or engaging in a decidedly lesbian act. Use of this phrase automatically negates any lesbian ambiguity generated by said act, and thus, it is perfectly acceptable for two teenage chicks, OR a couple of middle-aged conservative mothers to scissor each other all night long, as long as ‘no lesbo’ is said soon thereafter.
Teenage Girl #1: That chick over there has a nice rack.

Teenage Girl #2: Yeah, I'd like to munch on her rug all night long.

*fist bump*

*Both girls look at each suspiciously*

Teenage Girl #1: No lesbo, though, right?

Teenage Girl #2: Yeah, no lesbo.
by sea.shells January 27, 2010
said after something potentially "lebian" has been said. Also used to state something does not have a lesbian connotation, even though it sounds that way
1.That's my bitch,no lesbo .
2.That ass is huge,no lesbo.
by sheyna23821 July 23, 2008
Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds lesbian. See no homo.
Her ass is mine, no lesbo.
by SkOOp September 07, 2008

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