A phrase used to ensure than a previous statement with coincidental racial connotations is not taken as such. Similar in usage to the now common phrase, "No homo!"
Black guy: Dayum! I'm hungry as hell...

White guy: Yo wanna go get some fried chicken?

Black guy: Excuse me homie?

White guy: Oh oh, nah man, no racial.
by Gwame April 10, 2009
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Phrase used when you say something that sounds racist but want to clarify that you are not trying to be racist.

*Originally coined by Traphik (Tim) and Ricky Rude
Tim : Hey Rick? You hungry?
Rick : A lil
Tim : You wanna get some fried chicken?
Rick : What chu tryin to say?
Tim : OH! No Racial
Rick : oh fo sho
Tim : Fo Sho.
by Bobilina Smith April 10, 2009

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