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A phrase used to ensure than a previous statement with coincidental racial connotations is not taken as such. Similar in usage to the now common phrase, "No homo!"
Black guy: Dayum! I'm hungry as hell...

White guy: Yo wanna go get some fried chicken?

Black guy: Excuse me homie?

White guy: Oh oh, nah man, no racial.
by Gwame April 10, 2009
35 59
Phrase used when you say something that sounds racist but want to clarify that you are not trying to be racist.

*Originally coined by Traphik (Tim) and Ricky Rude
Tim : Hey Rick? You hungry?
Rick : A lil
Tim : You wanna get some fried chicken?
Rick : What chu tryin to say?
Tim : OH! No Racial
Rick : oh fo sho
Tim : Fo Sho.
by Bobilina Smith April 10, 2009
375 30