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A phrase used to make someone look stupid;
To sound sarcastic about something;
Kind of like saying "DUH!"
Girl 1:The cow goes "moo".
Girl 2: NO DIP!!!! -_-
by maurin August 20, 2005
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a phrase you used in 5th grade in replacement of "no shit", because cussing was bad. It is said to make fun of someone who points out something obvious. Usually followed by "Einstein" or "Smartie Pants" or "Sherlock"
Most commonly used in the South.
Kid 1: That's a tree
Kid 2: No dip, Einstein.
by cagedanimal April 10, 2010
its like saying: "no shit"
Person 1: "Wow, Hitler was a terrible person."
Person 2: "No dip."
by RaginAzn June 12, 2015

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