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A harmless insult
Possibly affectionate, not a nasty one
petronella - you are an arse
jemima - ah, ye nipple on a stick!
This is a term which has been carefully refined over the past century. Originating from the expression 'udder on a pole', this phrase came into usage in polite society in the late 20th century.
Meaning: You are daft. Affectionate insult.
Emma: i think Dave fancies you..
Claire: Ahh, ye nipple on a stick, ye.
Originating from the age old saying 'udder on a pole', this phrase has been refined through the ages to the slick, user freindly version we present to you here.
Affectionate insult.
Emma: Claire, are you in denial?
Claire: Ahh, ye nipple on a stick, ye.
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