the coolest guy ever.
nio will be at this party tonight. AWESOME!!!
by zsix February 28, 2011
Top Definition
"no" or "Know"
Why I don't Nio

by krugball February 20, 2004
An emphatic term of opposition to a given proposal. An utterance from a bratty boy or girl.
from the car in front of us at Dairy Queen drive-thru "Nio!!! That is nyot what I ORDERED!"
by Brunnyhead September 24, 2009
1. agreeing/aknowledging something.
2. a greeting.
3. describing something - add ly
4. used in conjunction with murr
5. can be added to the end of a word to give it greater meaning
1. going to the movies tonight?
2. dude!
3. we did it niosly
4. lets murr niosly
5. that shit is phatinios
by Baer September 21, 2003
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