One who thinks that Nintendo can make a come back. They are delusional.
Bacon: "Gamecube outsold every console this week!"
Sakura: "But it only took a price drop of $100 to do that."
by Dangerous K89 March 18, 2004
One who mindlessly follows Nintendo. See intellectual
I am a nintendrone.
by Exor November 24, 2003
A person who is heavily addicted to video games. Usually spends large amounts of time playing said games.
Mikey won't step away from Half-Life for even a second. He's such a nintendrone.
by SpinSpyder June 24, 2003
An extremely underloved gamer, commonly stereotyped as a rude Nintendo-only gamer, especially by hyprocritical and inadequate ps2xbots. Very smart gamers.
I hate Nintendrones, PS2 and Xbox is the best!
by Peter66 August 08, 2005

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