(Pronounced: nin-ten-drone) noun
A childish, derogatory term used by anti-fans of the Nintendo Wii gaming console or the Nintendo corporation to describe admirers or even just users of the Wii, DS, or 3DS. This term is used despite the fact that name-calling has never improved a single industry and any rational person would admit that each of the current-gen consoles have their own positive and negative aspects.
Sally: "Super Street Fighter IV 3D has finally been released! I hope it looks as awesome on my 3DS as it did in the trailers."

Bobby: "You're just a stupid nintendrone fangirl! The 3DS has shitty graphics compared to the PSP. Just wait for the PSVita to come out and then you can be a hardcore, uber, bad-ass, gamer like me!"

Sally: "If you want me to be a pstool like you why don't you buy a PS3 for me you cheap bastard! At least buy me the new Xbox 360 Slim!"

Bobby: "Then you would be a Xbot! I would buy you a new PC but being a couch jockey is the last thing you need since your ass got so fat."

Sally: "Maybe I wouldn't be so fat if you would let me get a new Wii Fit for my birthday. But no, we had to drive for two days to go to E3 this year to hear PlayStation kiss ass and apologize. I never should have married a stupid fanboy like you!"
by CheWi June 16, 2011
One who thinks that Nintendo can make a come back. They are delusional.
Bacon: "Gamecube outsold every console this week!"
Sakura: "But it only took a price drop of $100 to do that."
by Dangerous K89 March 18, 2004
One who mindlessly follows Nintendo. See intellectual
I am a nintendrone.
by Exor November 24, 2003
A person who is heavily addicted to video games. Usually spends large amounts of time playing said games.
Mikey won't step away from Half-Life for even a second. He's such a nintendrone.
by SpinSpyder June 24, 2003
An extremely underloved gamer, commonly stereotyped as a rude Nintendo-only gamer, especially by hyprocritical and inadequate ps2xbots. Very smart gamers.
I hate Nintendrones, PS2 and Xbox is the best!
by Peter66 August 08, 2005
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