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A Nintendo fanboy, most play Nintendo all day, and some get in big wars with fans of other systems.
Many are smart and keep out of such Flame Wars, and just spend their time playing Nintendo games.
People differ, some may be rude, others not.
Rude Nintendrone: Hey A., there's a flamewar going on at this forum, wanna join?

Good Nintendrone: Please leave me alone, I have no time for such childish thing, I've almost beaten the new Metroid, that's important.
by Tole September 12, 2006
The war between consoles.
In the good old days, it was Sega Vs. Nintendo.
Now, it's Microsoft (X-Box series) Sony (Playstation series) and Nintendo.
To be honest, X-Box is a wannabe console, Nintendo's and Sony's are much better. Microsoft is a newcomer in the game bussiness. But recently, PS3 is known to be ripping of Nintendo and Microsoft by copying things like motion sensing and the X-Bow live service.
Xbots, PSTools and Nintendrones all say the console they like is the best. This starts a console wars.
by Tole September 12, 2006

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