The superior half of the PSP/DS handheld contest.

If you're lame and you prefer graphics over gameplay, get the PSP.

However, if you want a very innovative handheld system with many addicting and wonderful games with wireless multiplayer and online support, Nintendo DS is for you.
omfg i wil get t3h psp cuz it got gr4fffffixs and gta on it omglol yes!

It's no contest that you're going to be more intelligent if you choose the Nintendo DS.
by A Little Pinprick August 26, 2006
Nintendo's latest handheld, released in too-soon-after-the-last-one tradition, a practice that Nintendo has become quite fond of. Shortly following the release of the Gameboy Advance SP, which was released just long enough after its original to double Nintendo's profits as gamers try and get the new one of what they already have, it seems as if Nintendo has no patience anymore and is releasing new handhelds like crazy, giving consumers just enough time to buy one console, then coming out with a new, slightly better version every few months.

The DS features two screens, one being a touch screen. This feature seems gimicky at first, but is quite interesting. Nintendo also brags that there is a place for the stylus, however as long as there have been devices with styluses, there have been places for the stylus. Even a spiral notepad has a place for the pen.
The DS is a Gamer's palm pilot, which brings up the fact that yet another version of the console is coming out with Palm software. Whoever is seen with a DS is immediately a pimp and may attract women. However, the fact remains that Nintendo is primarily child oriented in its games, and more grown up gamers may want to move on to the PSP, which, though lacking the sex appeal and touch screen pimpness of the DS, has much better graphics and can play movies. Though Nintendo is trying like hell to create some kind of compressed file format to sneak movies into it, the PSP hit the ground running.
The Nintendo DS is cooler than I thought it would be.
by Jay C March 24, 2005
Nintendo's latest "Third Piller" handheld. The Nintendo DS features 64-bit graphics, better then the N64 due to the fact that it has more RAM, and a higher polygon count. This fact is proven in Super Mario 64 and 64 DS, Mario's nose in round in DS, but in 64 it's a bit more blocky. It features a built-in mic, wireless multiplayer, an LCD touch screen, a regular viewing screen, GBA cartrige playback ability, and online Wi-Fi gaming with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service(NWFC) which was released in November 2nd, 2005. The NWFC is slowly suprassing X-Box LIVE in the online gaming industry, in its first 7 weeks it amassed more people then X-Box LIVE had in 6 months, and at 4 months it reached 1 million players, and 28 million matches played, though the first two games have scratchy online play, Nintendo is slowly fixing it up. Animal Crossing DS fixed it with chat, Metroid Prime: Hunters will finalize the Wi-Fi service with voice chat, and a lobby, meaning you wont have to exchange friend codes online, you can do it via DS. Soon, the DS's next installment will be released, the Nintendo DS Lite, though some people may groan at the thought, it fixes all of the problems the first one had, it is smaller, 2/3 the weight, a 4x brighter screen, and an apple-style look. They also have managed to place the buttons in a comfier position, along with a larger stylus, stronger screen, and easier portabilty overall. On a final note, the Nintendo DS has become the fastest selling gaming console or handheld to ever be sold, worldwide it has sold more then the PSP, truely clenching victory. One of Nintendo's most successful consoles/handhelds.
New Nintendo DS Wi-Fi games-

March 20th - Metroid Prime: Hunters and Tetris DS, both with voice chat and virtual keyboard chat.
April 2006 - Lostmagic, an RPG-turned online RPG
by Iorchova March 17, 2006
A console made by Nintendo hated by Sony fanboys for "making games geared for children" and having "dated hardware" which is utter bullshit. While the PSP (Sony's handheld) has many features that the DS doesn't have (but can be added through accessories), they are all bullshit you don't need. Everyone already owns a MP3 player that actually fits in our pockets, why the fuck would we want a bigger one? The UMD format used for watching movies is dead, so good luck with that. The Nintendo DS has a big library of cool games, where you can kill zombies, solve murder cases, play Sudoku, play great RPG's, and so much more. The graphics are mainly 2D, but the DS can do last wave N64-like 3D too.

The PSP also has good games, even though Nintendo fanboys say otherwise, and if the price wasn't so steep, it would match the DS. The graphics of the PSP are shitty 3D, last wave PS1 to first wave PS2, and has many defects (flying UMD's, disk read errors, short battery life, no refunds for a screen with dead pixels etc etc., but it seems the newer shipments have less of these defects), and is still being raped in sales by the DS Lite.

The PSP is a good purchase if you have the money, because of the many good original games, but if you want to make the most out of your money, the DS Lite is what you want. If you have the money I recommend both.

Me: Shut up idiot, the PSP does have great games on it, too bad there are so many rehashes of old games on it, but the original games rock.

Sony fanboy: Look! I can play MP3's, watch movies, and browse the internet! LOL

Me: I thought you had a MP3 player and computer for that? Dumbass. The UMD format is dead, so say bye to your movies. Good luck finding wireless access points to connect to the internet. Idiot.
by Gaming Veteran December 26, 2006
One of the most hated on systems of our time. I for one approve of both PSP and DS (why cant every1 else?) They both have nice features as well.
DS- Online gaming, Online Browsing coming soon
PSP- Online browsing
DS- Touch screen
PSP- uh.......
DS- SOme media thingy coming soon
PSP- Stores movies, music, and pics.
DS- $100-$150
PSP- $200 something
See? There are the crappy little differecnes people fight over that pull us apart, but if we see all the similarites.

Oh yeah, I'm a DS owner just cause all my friends have them, plus im a Nintendo-faithul kinda guy.
The Nintendo DS is funner and more cost effective, while the PSP is costlier with better graphics
by Siliva2 August 01, 2006
A situation in which a video game (usually produced by Nintendo) leaves you in a state of being unable to survive, complete a level, or interact with the game, usually resulting from a bug in the game's software. This state is known for being most common in old NES games, such as Super Mario Bros. 2 and Metroid.
When I jumped into that wall in Super Mario, I got Nintendo'd because I couldn't get out of it and had to restart the game.
by Alex Rydian July 01, 2013
To have your Dick Sucked (DS) by someone.
Last night I got my Nintendo DS on.
by Joshsoc9 April 15, 2008

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