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A handheld gaming system.
An upgrade to the previous GameBoy Advance.
Features a back-light,
rechargable battery,
32-megabit,I believe,processer,
incredible graphics,
a massive library of games(library spans 8 years),
8 buttons,
volume control,
light switch,
and the games can easily be switched.
An attachment can be purchased so it can hold 4 games at one.
One of the best hand-helds to date.
Me:I just bought a GBASP.
Friend:Cool.I just bought one too!
by May March 27, 2004
A near flawless system with great games,controls,backlighting,a rechargable battery,and fits in your pocket. It comes with an AC Adaptor even,kickass. My one gripe is that there's no headphone jack. >_<
I like playing SMB3 and Golden Sun on my GBA SP.
by 0niTTRay December 31, 2003
Well actually, a backlit version was released with a higher resolution screen, for all we know the first definition could have very well been referencing this model. Calling people names isn't a very affective way to get your point across, unless you're in kindergarten perhaps.
example of a person who gets overly rude and upset over nothing, like in this game boy advance SP post:

Guy1: My 2007 Powerbook g4 is great!
Rude Guy: omg! you stupid f***ing noob! the last powerbook was released in 2006! get you facts right fagot!
Guy2: dude, that was a little bit too harsh......
by medicus August 29, 2010
it has a bottom light .. not a backlight retard... look at it once at a downward angle... u'll see that the light is in the bottom of the screen
im playing my new gameboy advance SP
by Cory Dugolenski October 08, 2004
1. a device designed to waste the time of anyone who is loser enough to blow 100 bucks on it, not including the games.
1. some people waste so much time playing game advanced SP, it makes me want to poop on their heads.
2. I can't belive how much time the guy who wrote the other definition of this word must have wasted on research for this bullshit.
by John Sherman May 04, 2005
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