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A gaming company that does nothing but make the same games over and over again but with differant graphics. After the release of the Gamecube everything went downhill until the Wii which is slightly better because of the differant styles of playing any of the games.
Guy 1: "Hey what are you doing later?"

Guy 2: "Gonna kick back and play some Super Smash Bros Melee on my Nintendo Gamecube."

Guy 1: "What is that like the 30th Super Smash Bros game released?"

Guy 2: "32nd actually."

Guy 1: "Lame."
by Uranium Bullet April 26, 2008
The Disney of video games.
Nintendo's a great gaming system even though their products are geared for children, but that doesn't mean I won't play them!
by Zomborrr April 27, 2006
The only good thing to ever come out of Japan.
Ping Pong: "Nintendo ching chong chow."
by Crowdpleaser September 29, 2005
Video game company that used to make good games a billion years ago. Nowadays their games are strictly "baby games". If anyone over the age of 10(that's 10 months, not years) is caught playing nintendo games they are usually beaten to death with a blunt object. It's okay though, they deserved it.
Billy- "Hey Greg, wanna go play Wii at my house?"

Greg- "Wii isn't that Nintendo?"

Billy- "Yeah, so?"

Greg- "So Nintendo games are for babies."

Billy- "But I LIKE Nintendo games."

~Greg smashes a PS2 over Billy's head and calls him a douche, people around them begin to cheer.~
by NintendoJabsPoo July 10, 2008
1.A Gay-ass game company who only has one game a teen would like,"Gears of War"
2.A Gay-ass game company who made a device that was desined to hert people and brake glass and TVs,otherwise known as the "Wii"
1.Wow,Nintendo is gay...
2.God damn it!My stupid Wii broke my TV!
by Darka October 31, 2007
A company which, while having fallen on hard times recently resorting to churning out Pokemon and other childish games to survive, must be respected for dragging the video game industry out of a freefall in the mid-80s.
Nintendo kind of sucks now, but thank God they were there in 1985.
by Mr_MoJo_Risin777 May 05, 2003
Crappiest shit company ever. Makers of what may quite possibly be the worst fucking games ever. And Rush8192, you won't have to worry about your sanity if you are over the age of 10, you stupid fucking cunt.
Nintendo sucks huge donkey dick.

P.S. Rush8192 is a stupid 8-year old fucking retard that needs to stop wanking off to pictures of Princess Peach.
by Rush8192 is a cunt June 19, 2006