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the incredibly phat result when a ninja fucks a fine ass juggalette at an Insane Clown Posse concert. The baby is born the very next day, and comes out spitting and cussing and holding his dick, then bitch slaps the doctor. Ninjalo are the most powerful of all types of juggalos, even more so then the mighty Thuggalo. Ninjalo never die, no matter what you use. Only a Ninjalo can kill a Ninjalo.
Amongst many other abilities, Ninjalos, like the mighty Bill Bill possess the silent snake technique. You won't even know they are there until they all of a sudden punch you in the face for no reason.
by Ninjalo March 24, 2004
Ninjalo - a person born of black and white nationality who listens to Psychopathic Records music, and a member of tha Dark Carnival Ninjalette + Juggalo = ninja(lo/lette), and Juggalette + Ninja = Ninja(lo/lette)
Ex of Ninjalo
Juggalo: Whut tha Hell is a Ninjalo?
Ninjalo: I am known as a higher form of Juggalos and Ninjas. All rolled up in 1.

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