A wannabe rockstar. A legand in his own mind. Undercover rockstar.
Man Scroggs is a Ninjastar. He just isn't famous yet.
by d.scroggs29@comcast.net January 13, 2009
Top Definition
A blurt or exclamation used when a person farts on his own hand, and then "thows" the gas into another's face.

"Ninja Star!"
"She let a huge one go and chucked it at me. It was the deadliest of Ninja Star's I've ever encountered during a date."
by colorblind1982 July 22, 2009
Car wheels that spin after the car comes to a stop. 352ho
"sittin high on thirty inch ninja stars"
by James Handy October 31, 2007
If you call them this, you are a complete dumb fuck. it's called a SHURIKEN, dipwad. Go
I hate you...so much
by Freud March 04, 2005
a ninja star is a ninja that is a star. its that simple people
ur mom is a ninja star that gets up in the moring and eats shit.
by morgan with a splash of ass August 03, 2006

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