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Expression directed toward an individual when he or she is not getting their way, and so they pout their lower lip.

Also used when someone is noticably sad faced and you don't want to see it.

A phrase to get someone to "man up" and quit being a baby.
son - "Can i have my way today?"

father - "No."


Father - "You better fix that lip, boy!"
by colorblind1982 July 31, 2009
A blurt or exclamation used when a person farts on his own hand, and then "thows" the gas into another's face.

"Ninja Star!"
"She let a huge one go and chucked it at me. It was the deadliest of Ninja Star's I've ever encountered during a date."
by colorblind1982 July 22, 2009
true knowledge of importance; speaking the truth
"The Rev. spit that verbal money in church today"
by colorblind1982 July 22, 2009
The process of going down on a woman, and exhaling into her vagina, thus, filling her up with air. Then, placing a hand on her stomach, to pushing the air out her cooter for a vaginal fart in your face.

E.g. Balloondocking, balloondocked. Air facial, Female inflation, partner assisted vaginal fart.

Not recommended for the use of women who don't clean their areas.

For best results, keep your hair free of any styling products so you can feel the gust of air on your scalp.

Do not balloondock into your ear, for it might cause an inner-ear infuction.
"You taste so good down here. Do you mind if i balloondock it?"

"I spent about 15 minutes balloondocking this girl. We both had a good laugh during foreplay."

"Something smells funny out here. It stinks. Like a bad balloondocks episode."

"...are you kidding? I'm a regular Balloondock Saint!"
by colorblind1982 July 22, 2009
Putting together the words, "I didn't even eat yet"
"What time did you eat dinner?"
-"pshhht. Idn-needn-neetyet, man. I'm starvin'"

"My stomach is touching my back cuz idn-needn-neetyet."

-"No, idn-needn-neetyet."
by colorblind1982 July 23, 2009
To pat ones self down in search of a note pad.

Used when you say something so funny, that you seach for something to write it down on, on your person.

Conducted where your breast pockets would be, or are located. Then to the pockets located below your belt line.

In the event that you are naked, lift sack or breast.

It is not recommended that you entertain people while in the buff.

Can be used by others as sarcasm if the joke wasn't funny.
"I had to do a pad search after that one, but no luck. I forgot what I said that was so funny last night"
by colorblind1982 July 22, 2009
Russian for "(you're) out of luck"

Tough shits-ski, Tuff-Shitski
"Hey boss, may i leave work to take my dying Grandmother to the hospital?"


"But she's dying!"

-"As the Russian's say "Tuffshitski"
by colorblind1982 July 23, 2009

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