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A blurt or exclamation used when a person farts on his own hand, and then "thows" the gas into another's face.

"Ninja Star!"
"She let a huge one go and chucked it at me. It was the deadliest of Ninja Star's I've ever encountered during a date."
by colorblind1982 July 22, 2009
If you call them this, you are a complete dumb fuck. it's called a SHURIKEN, dipwad. Go
I hate much
by Freud March 04, 2005
A wannabe rockstar. A legand in his own mind. Undercover rockstar.
Man Scroggs is a Ninjastar. He just isn't famous yet.
by January 13, 2009
a ninja star is a ninja that is a star. its that simple people
ur mom is a ninja star that gets up in the moring and eats shit.
by morgan with a splash of ass August 03, 2006
When you shit in a girls pussy then piss in it and eat it out then fuck her and shit on her chest usually making her very horny and want anal it's the key to ass fucking
That girl wants a ninja star I can tell.
by Jacob Baer July 27, 2016
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