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To do in the fashion of a ninja.
I'm ninjing like a pro, baby!
by Cath arsis June 03, 2004
To have sex, usually very quietly and in a fashion that will avoid detection. From the phrase "Ninja that bitch."
Most often heard in the gerund form "ninjing".
Yo, no ninjing on the mountain!
by Fern, Defender of Trees July 16, 2009
ninj (v.): to act in such a manner that could be construed as causing trickery, disruption, and/or pain on those who instill one's wrath
Ninj (n.): any one of a number of people who enjoy, and in fact take delight in, causing mischief and trickery on those who deserve it; i.e., mauling someone
v. "I'm gonna ninj you, you bloody prick, if you ever say something like that again!"

n. "I am so a ninj!"
by ninjgirl April 13, 2011
anything you want it to mean fitting the situation.
Damn you ninjed up that shot.
You look like a Ninj.
This Concert is hella Ninj.
by Trav is gay April 26, 2007
To steal or take wrongly; to hijack; to snatch; most synonymous with "to jack"

One who ninjes is a ninjer, or in ghetto parlance a ninja.
that guy totally ninjed my pen
by usethisword September 15, 2007
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