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Racial slur for a Jap.
Their eyes are slanted like a 9 iron
That nine iron got his irons modelled after his eyes.
by Kurt March 22, 2005
A kid so good at the game of golf they renamed him nineiron.
I'm shooting a double bogey. Nineiron is 5 under par!
by laxingolfer June 13, 2010
A woman that is like a 9-iron. good from 100 yards.
good from far, far from good
She seemed hot from far away, but upon closer inspection her bushy moustache showed her to be a 9-iron
by anonymous January 19, 2004
a derogatory word for any oriental because they all look like they have been hit in the face with a nineiron
That nineiron over there is almost hot.
by Nipsey Chunkalot May 13, 2003
A slang term for a gun. This is the result of a combination of 9mm and iron.
"You'd better bring your nine iron, just in case"
by Jimminny June 17, 2008
a man equipped with nine inches (or more) of sexual pleasure

Bob: Hey my name is Bob.
Hot Slut: Nice to meet you Bob.
Bob: Did you know I am swinging a nine iron.
Hot Slut: Wow, I would really like to put my mouth on that.
by Frank da tank August 09, 2006