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A nimesha is part of the primate family, they are usually very tall and tend to hit thier heads on clouds while walking. Nimeshas are usually very skinny and attractive but when you get to know the nimesha, she can become violent and agressive if not fed. If you aggrivate a Nimesha it will most likely step on you with its chopstick legs. Due to Nimesha's suffering from a case of amneisha, they tend to forget things. If the nimesha is not supervised while cooking, they tend to burn down items such as chicken nuggets, muffins, pie, cell phones, ovens and hairy old men. Side affects of Nimesha's include nausia, vomiting, fainting or dizzines. They tend to origionate in the reigions of Malaysa and Colombo. Though people are generally drawn to a Nimesha's good looks, it is advised to remain at least a 100 meter diameter away. The nimesha also excells at sports such as basketball because she can simply walk upto the net and drop the ball in. Overall the Nimesha a fine specimen and make good pets, but make sure to read the manuel before use.
ppl: "heyy, wuts tht?!"

bby:"it's a nimesha"

ppl:"i want one"

#nimesha #tall #skinny #girl #monkey
by Munkeyy February 21, 2009
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