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Niloufar is a Persian name. It was initially Nilipar, meaning Blue Petal. (Nili means a azure; a deep shade of blue mostly between green. And Par means petal)
Niloufar is a word referring to two types of flowers: Water Lily (Lotus) and Morning Glory.
The French have the word quite similar to the Persian word; Nenuphar.
Nilou is a nickname mostly given to girls with the name Niloufar.
Nilou, Nilly, Nil are some examples of nicknames given to a person with the name Niloufar.
by Niloufar Nabiyouni February 06, 2010
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Niloufar (نيلوفر) is an iranian name meaning Water Lily. She is known for her unique beauty and her natural instinct to make men go crazy. See zan zalil for a better description.
"So I met this girl named Niloufar..."
"Dude, have fun, but be careful, she'll turn you into a zan zalil !"
by pokermoker March 15, 2017
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