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smiley, bubbly, pretty, sexy persian girl. you want to know a Niloofar. her nickname is Niloo (knee-lou) and if you have a Niloo, you're a pretty lucky person, because niloo is a good friend, and girlfriend.
person 1: hey, did you hear we have a new girl in our class named Niloofar?

person 2: oh cool! i've always wanted to know a Niloo
#niloo #cool #pretty #persian #smile #happy #sunshine
by girlfromacrossthestreet August 17, 2011
Extremely pretty and filled with love and joy. She's a day maker. Her hair is goldish and she has green eyes which shine,so bright in the sun. She is the best person u'll ever meet. She loves dudes with good personality's and tall guys. She prefers niloo(neé-Lou) she's a Persian miracle
What does water lilly mean in Persian? *Niloofar*
by lilly365 December 04, 2015
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