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it can have 2's a persian name for girls.some indians have it too.but i'm talking about the meaning in persian."nil" is a greenish blue substance which is used to coulor the stuff like clothes.and niloo means as beautiful as that colour.But it can also be a shorter way to say "niloofar" which is the complete name."niloo" is just the firt half of means waterlily or lotus.sucha nice name!!
those white lotus or waterliles.also those ivy with flowers on them which clime the walls from botton to the top.
by doesn't matter!! September 04, 2003
pretty, cute, or cool
Look at that niloo bird.
by Jennifer March 28, 2005
A streetwise asian girl with a penchant for all things freaky
Niloo is kool
by jungboho June 13, 2003
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