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1. A boy that is difficult to catch. A rare find. Usually all the girls want him and all the boys want to be him. It is very common to have at least 26 girls after a Nilo.

2. A word used to describe a boy with certain characteristics. They are known to have a special charm about them that is irresistable to women. They make easy conversation, are sweet smelling, have killer smiles, good with kids and parents, smooth talkers, great in bed, fantastical kissers, financially well off, good at sports, just plain perfect. If you get the lucky opportunity of knowing one, they typically are the most genuine, caring, easy-going, honest most amazing guys among your friends. If you have one for a partner consider yourself very fortunate, hold on to him for dear life because it will be a once in ten life times occurrence.
"OMG girl, You are so lucky you just landed a Nilo."

GIRL 1: "Is that Nilo over there?"
GIRL 2: "Hey stop looking at my Nilo."
GIRL 3: "No way! I saw him first."
(GIRLS 1,2,3 fight it out in jealous rage.)

“Yes! Yes! Yes! OMG It's so big. Keep giving it to me like that Nilo. It feels so good, you're making me so wet. Don’t stop. Babysuperman me please.
#nilo #niloo #sweet #sexy #charming
by Jenny1990 April 22, 2010
a very tall, handsome,nice, sexy, kinda quiet around girls and pretty aggressive around boys! all girls are after him.
did you see Nilo today?
#nice #hot #sexy #tall #handsome
by anyihoa February 22, 2008
That one guy in your class that never lets you win. When you first meet him, you can't place what race he is, so you assume he's some mix of Asian and Hispanic. He'll know every racist stereotype known to man, and will promptly use them against you if you ever try him. He'll be VERY short too. Like REALLY short. His favorite food is rice. His hair is pretty awesome too. Either you're with him or against him.
Guy 1: Did I tell you what Nilo did?

Guy 2: Nah, what?

Guy 1: Dude stole all my bitches!

Guy 2: He's Nilo though. So it's cool.

Guy 1: *sigh* You're right.
#nilo #asian #that #guy #yeah #him #winning
by'scold. August 12, 2011
a form of the devil that is affiliated with the temptation of drugs.
nuff said..
by kim po May 02, 2005
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