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The bast digital SLR company in the world.
Person 1: hey man, I just bought a Canon dslr
Person 2: you retard, you should have gotten a Nikon
by nikonftw March 29, 2010
An Asian tourist particularly in the L.A. area known for always carrying cameras to take pictures of everything they see.
Person 1, "Look at that asian guy stopped in the middle of the boardwalk"
Person 2, "That Nikon just tripped three people stopping to take a picture!"
by Tylerama90 January 31, 2016
another way of saying nigger around adults, or your drama teacher, or any other people.
Why are you guys fighting? Because she's a Nikon.
by Emily N.M. January 07, 2009
A camera capable of creating consistant out of focus images through the use of too many buttons on the back and overall build.
Professor- "Justin, I like your composition, but when we bring this into 100%...hmm whats this, looks to be a bit soft."

Team Ramrod- "Nikons! hhhahahah"
by Ellie .... May 03, 2008
what you buy when you don't have enough cash to buy a Sony.
guy 1: hey dude, I only had $100 so I bought this nikon.

guy 2: what a retard, why didn't you just save up for a Sony

guy 1: -starts crying-
by CarnivalKid32 March 06, 2010
big stupid camera that people on dallas imports use.
it verifies their acceptance in fat chicks.
"Hey Canadian nice Nikon! Wanna go pick up some fat chicks?"
by AOKP October 24, 2007
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