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One who is super radatastic and mondo sexalicious.
Wow. I wish I was a Nikole. then I'd be radatastic and sexalicious at the same time.
by Godlygodman April 12, 2008
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a cool girl who is rebellious by switching the 'c' to a 'k' in her name. this person usually has many friends, has good style, and is very funny and talented.
guy: "do you know nikole?"
girl: "yeah, she's like my best friend!"
guy: "she's mine too! isn't she awesome?"
by duuuuuuuuuuudeirock February 25, 2010
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-An Enigma. Usually used to describe neurotic, analytical, attractive, creative, witty, intelligent women. Also implies said person has an affinity for gaming, comics, and anything dragon, monster, sword related. Somewhat popular amongst all but prefers solitude. Cold and calculating but a hopeless romantic at heart.

-Someone who gravitates towards unknown and or underground products, bands, clothing, style, everything.
In turn when these things become popular said person gets bummed. But still enjoys it for what it is.

-Also used to describe the perfect hourglass shape and or someone who has striking unusual facial features. Not common. Isn't considered stereotypically attractive, definitely not a girl next door or "plain Jane".

-A female who comes from money.

-A person who uses these terms or phrases : "oh my god", "Fuck", "Cunt", "Skankface hoe", "Parched", "Perturbed", "tha Fuck", "bitches 'n hoes", "bitches be crazy", "Im OOM", "Raping", "ganked", "Get off my dick" (when said person doesn't have a penis.) "Dude".
Person One: Holy crap! Did you hear that clever anecdote I just came up with?
Person Two: Yea! For a minute there I felt I was talking to a Nikole!

Person One: Have you heard of this band?
Person Two: Yea ____ told me.
Person One: She would! She always knows cool shit before everyone else! Such a Nikole.

Person Two: I know right? That bitch.
by ShiestyLion August 21, 2012
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