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A unique way of spelling the name "Nicky", "Nickie" or "Nikki". Nikie is a woman who is independent and completely selfless. Although she is a 21st century woman, she holds timeless values and good morals. Nikie is the epitome of what a woman should be.
Nikie is a given name.

Common Mispellings: Nike, Niki

by Rachel J. August 28, 2008
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1) A smart beautiful girl who loves to give hugs and is awesomely asian ^_^ 2) the sweetest girl in the world that needs a lot of love and gives it too. 3) A girl with a great bf and an awesome cousin that loves them both and vice versa 4) The Best! <3
Oh look at that girl, she's such a Nikie...
I'm going to make fun of her because of how jealous i am...
by someone who loves u March 22, 2012
Nikie is a very smart beautiful girl, who likes to do stuff on her own. Nikie is very wise of who she likes and will only date guys she definitely loves. Nikie is a true loyal friend to anyone who doesnt have beef with her. And nikie definitely needs an elijahin her life.
That Nikie is sooo beautiful Elijahs lucky to have her.
by someone2181 March 22, 2012

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