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A derogatory term used in 1337 speak. It is used when the sayer believes the victim is black (nigger) and a hacker (z0r) so they are calling them a nigger hacker

"That nigz0r r0x0r3d mez0r"
by Evan November 09, 2003
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What you call a friend in IM, text message, or in regular conversation who has knowledge of leet speak, and uses it frequently. Can be used as a friendly topic ender or a profane interjection, both equally friendly. Also can be used against a third party who you think sucks and deserves to be called something that fits their idiotic behavior or disposition.
Bro 1: "aight nigz0r I'll talk to you then."
Bro 2: "peace braski."
Idiot: "lololololol iz sooo kewl! iz a total pwnz0r! I camp your base and fuck men!"
Me: "Damn right you do!" -shoots in the face- "Nigz0r!!!"
by FoxCarnage November 27, 2009
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