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An African-American hipster. Just look up hipster and combine the two and you get nigster.
Dude them nigsters are jerkin' in the subway!
by Th3DonDada January 18, 2010
A combination of a Black (Nig) and a Hip(ster) to form a particular demographic of society. Known to possess various blends and ratios of this combination. Most commonly found in urban areas, like in Brooklyn.
Man: "I walked down the street and I saw a funny looking man sitting in a coffee shop."

Woman: "What did the man look like?"

Man: "He was a tall man with dark skin and long thin dreadlocks. He was wearing sunglasses and listening to an iPod. He wore skinny jeans, a sweater, and a wool cap."

Woman: "I suggest that you may have seen a Nigster."
by neonsupernova January 14, 2011
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